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Parenting Page Session Thirteen
Moving on: growing up and closer to God

This week's goal:
To continue in your quest to grow, learn and build a strong single parent family.

What the experts say:
Some people feel that because they have been divorced or have made so many mistakes in their past, God cannot use them to be godly leaders, teachers, role models or to help other people. This is not true. As a single parent you are a leader, a teacher and a role model. You make the decision to be a godly person who fulfills these roles. Our Heavenly Father has placed your children under your guidance. Whether you are a custodial parent, a non-custodial parent or you share joint custody-you are a parent. Your children depend on you. Many others have succeeded in surviving. and raising children in a single parent home, and so can you.

One family's story:
What's your family's story? Take time to write your own family story and share it with someone at the church.

This week's Scripture focus:
Job 8:21: 
"He will yet fill your mouth with laughter and
your lips with shouts of joy."

Building family strengths:
Throughout the last few weeks, we have given you many ways to strengthen and build a solid single parent family. We hope you have acted on the suggestions and have enjoyed them. Our last idea is to let you know that it is okay to laugh and have fun in your home. Take time to enjoy your children. They are only children for a short while.