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LDS Divorce Support Services- Christi Turley Diamond "The Healing Coach" at www.thehealingcoach.com  grief/energy healing/life coaching all wrapped up into one awesome package!
I've been asked by several people if I offer any type of services to help them through the process or to help them to move forward in their life with a step in the right direction with purpose and meaning.  I then tell them that I offer Life Healing Coaching Sessions-- What are Life Healing Coaching Sessions? They are sessions that help you take a look at your life and learn from the past and move forward into a bright future.  They integrate life coaching, energy coaching, spiritual coaching and healing coaching all into one.  A Life Healing Coaching Session is not a counseling session. I am not a Licensed Professional Counselor but I am a  Coach who gives 55 minute sessions to assess where you have been, where you are going and what direction you need to take.  I give you some one on one time on the phone and some powerful tools to start being an active participant in the creative process in the thing called "Your Life"! I work alongside you to figure out the areas that you may need to heal in the most in order to live your purpose and get back to loving you. 

I used to be in a place of being the victim and letting life live me rather than me living life.  When I went through the healing process and discovered all the beautiful facets that make up me and who I am, my beautiful future began to unfold in front of me.  I used to be in a place where I wondered if I would ever feel whole or happy again and I'm here to tell you that I do and you can too! I am passionate about helping others discover and serve their purpose and help them heal from their past. 
I enjoy  coaching and watching others transform their lives into something pretty wonderful and exciting! 

So.... If you would like to do some coaching sessions and if you are ready to take on your life in a whole new way, to a whole new level, then lets begin this journey and move you forward into your bright and wonderful future.  The gospel teaches us about happiness, the plan of salvation and that we have a purpose. Sometimes we just need to make sure we are utilizing the tools that are given to us to keep us on that path.  We get to be co-creators with God when it comes to our life. That is exciting!  Learn to live in the moment and discover who you are and what your unique purpose is!

My credentials are:  I have my Bachelor's Degree in Psychology, My Masters Degree In Instructional Design and Education and have studied under the following Life Coaching Programs:
Certified Life Coach for Momentum 33
Bob Proctor
Ann Webb's Life Vision 
Paul Martinelli
Lisa Walker- Transform Your Results
Certified Grief and Recovery Specialist for The Grief Recovery Method

I have done a number of workshops and sessions with a variety of clients and helped hundreds get through some really deep healing so they could move forward and let go. 

What I provide for you is Concepts and Understanding of : Tools on how to create the life you want for yourself.  A plan and a map on how to get there. What part does God play in my life and what I want to create in it? How powerful our thoughts are.  Who are you and what is your purpose and life mission?  How do I let go of the hurt and heal so I can move forward? How do I find forgiveness for myself and others How to help your children grasp important tools and concepts so that they become successful in their lives and relationships.  A personal cheerleader to help you tackle the blocks that seem to come up for you and powerful tools to break through them.  

Things we will focus on:
Healing from loss
Healing the Inner Self
Feeling Whole and Complete 
Time Management and Balance
What Kinds of Relationships Are You Attracting Into Your Life
What Are Your Goals and Dreams
How To Empower Yourself 
Spiritual and Personal Growth
The Walls We Build Around Us
Working Through Our Blocks
Career Planning

What I ask of you: Commitment through the whole process.  Patience with yourself.  A commitment to you and your life and what you want in it.  An open mind to new possibilites, ways of thinking, and attitudes. You will only succeed at this as far as you are willing to push yourself and your limits.  If you are really serious about making some wonderful changes and 
living the life you want and maybe even dreamed of......Sign up and let's get started! 

When is the last time you invested in you and your life?


link to our packages:

Please fill out the form below to begin your life healing coaching sessions.  In the "message" part please let me know a good time to contact you and whether it is best to do so by email or by phone.  When you sign up, you will get a free 20 minute consultation to begin the process. Thanks and I look forward to speaking with you soon! 

Christi Turley
"Christi Turley is a true gift to this world where so many are hurting. Her ability to inspire clients and audiences to become more, to overcome obstacles and to truly connect to their highest self and how God sees them, is nothing short of miraculous. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking the light in their lives, who feel broken, down and out, and those who are not living up to their immeasurable privileges. To coach with her, is to take a quantum leap in the right direction!"

Lisa Walker, creator of Transform Your Results,
International Speaker and Author


"Christi has empowered and assisted me during some of my most difficult times. She has real life experience, education and a gift for helping people regain clarity and most importantly HOPE in times of crisis. She has successfully walked me through my grief during times of darkness that I felt were impossible to get through. Christi has been a powerful guide in my journey to reconnecting to my authentic self, recognizing what my dreams and goals are and taking practical steps towards living a life I love."   Ang B.  (Client)

"Christi has one of the most endearing personalities ever. She truly cares about people and wants each of us to discover who we are and make our own happiness. She has been on both sides of the spectrum and is truly the definition of turning tragedy into triumph. She graciously passes on the skills and tools she has learned along the way to becoming happy to those around her.  Christi will help you set goals, motivate you and encourage you along the way to discovering your own path in life."                    
L. C.   (Client)

"Christi has a gift for seeing the blocks in others that hold them back from becoming who they can be.  She took the time to help me see those in myself and discover that I was allowing too many things to keep me from my purpose and the life I have always wanted.  She understands people on a deep level and has a gift of making it so easy to talk to her and share those things about me that are sometimes hard to admit.  I was able to sit and accomplish goals I had never been able to do.  I was able to move forward and really heal after I applied the tools that she shared with me. She helped me to empower myself and push forward and I am becoming the man I have always wanted to be. I am grateful for the coaching I have received from her and how it has changed my life!"
R. B.  (Client)