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Our PACKAGE for Hurts, Habits and Hang-Ups 

by Kevin Hinckley

​We recorded each session of Hurts Habits and Hang Ups with Christi Turley Diamond and Kevin Hinckley and now have those available to listen to online or available for the first time ever to download to your phone or mp3 to listen to as you go through each step. It helps to have someone guide you through each step and who better than 
Kevin Hinckley himself?
  We have put together a great affordable package for you! This is a 
powerful program that has helped many overcome their weaknesses and heartaches so use it to your advantage to help you in your healing. This is an exclusive offer from ldsdivorcesupport.com!!

                                                                        In this package you will get: 

An autographed book by Kevin Hinckley   "Hurts, Habits, and Hang Ups"

Unlimited access to 12 recorded sessions for you to listen to over and over and at your leisure to help you as you go through the book and take each step to overcome your hurts, habits and hang ups. Kevin guides you through each step and discusses how to get through each. 
This will be like having your workbook and program to work right along with you to get you thinking and pondering and working on those things that hold you back and stop you from moving forward! 

(Kevin gets paid $95 an hour for his counseling sessions and Christi $89 an hour for her life coaching so you get 12 hours of sessions with them for only $49 plus bonuses!)  

Access to the 12 recorded sessions for you to download to any and all of your devices and take with you wherever you go. 

PLUS: 3 Bonus Recordings with Kevin Hinckley and Christi Turley Diamond to download and listen to whenever you need to! 

How to Get Through The Holidays with Christi Turley Diamond

Divorce and Children with Christi Turley Diamond and Kevin Hinckley

Dating After Divorce with Christi Turley Diamond and Kevin Hinckley

This package is only $89 !!!!  ( Plus $5.95 Shipping and Handling) 

​Kevin Hinckley LPC is the author of 5 books and a very popular speaker at Education Week in Provo and Idaho. He is also a licensed professional counselor and has his own very successful practice in Plano TX. He speaks nationwide at many events and is a well sought after speaker!

Christi Turley Diamond B.S. M.Ed. is the founder of ldsdivorcesupport.com. She is a certified life coach, speaker, and teaches workshops on grief and loss among many other topics . She also does firesides on divorce and the healing process and is a certified grief recovery specialist and has experience with helping hundreds through the process of loss and tragedy. You can find her at www.thehealingcoach.com

This program is a powerful tool in healing and moving forward and learning how to apply the Atonement.  You will receive tremendous benefits from using it! We have put together an amazing affordable package for you to use it at your convenience!