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Divorce Tips For Men: Legal Strategy

By Matt Allen
Editor, DadsDivorce.com

One divorce article after another on DadsDivorce.com provides divorce tips for men to help fathers navigate the complex family law system.

When you first start out in the divorce process it can be a scary and lonesome experience filled with unanswered questions. That's why DadsDivorce.com is filled with divorce resources to help men.

Read this collection of divorce articles on marriage separation advice in order to increase your chances of a successful outcome in your case.

How To Act Before Your Modification

In order to get more parenting time with your children you have to show the court that you can handle the time and that you are genuinely interested in raising your children.

So how can your model behavior make a difference in the child custody agreement?

4 Tips On How To Handle Debt and Divorce

Debt is a prime cause for a broken marriage no matter which party is responsible for it. Some cases show that a man is forced to bear the penalty and liability for the debt settlement incurred by his wife even after divorce.

Here are four effective tips to save money to pay off the rogue creditors and maintain your financial health as a divorced dad.

Tips For Successful Trial Testimony And Cross-Examination

Attorneys can tell when a witness is prepared. Those are the toughest witnesses to crack, and most of the time they do not crack.

Here are the things you should do to be prepared for that dreaded cross-examination, broken down into three phases: one month before trial, one week before trial, and one day before trial.

Tips To Make Your Prenup Enforceable

Your pre-nuptial agreement is only as good as your compliance with it. There are also other considerations to be aware of if you want it to be enforceable.

10 Ways To Act During Your Deposition

What you do at your deposition can help or hurt you significantly depending on your attitude, truthfulness and appearance. Remember, a deposition is the testimony of a witness under oath outside of court and reduced to writing.

Depositions are also used to question the opposing party. Consider the following divorce tips for men as you prepare for your deposition.

Divorce Resolutions: Keep a Journal, Make Copies of Your Records, and Think Before You Speak

Resolve yourself to make these changes – keep a journal, make copies of your records, and think before you speak – and you could very well save yourself time, money and stress.