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Blended Families
​Support For Step Families:

  • Bonus Families http://www.bonusfamilies.com.  Website for stepfamilies, renamed 'bonus families' to convey concept that each new member or the reorganized family is a bonus, a gift that enhances. Includes many articles including a 'bonus teen' section: articles by and for teens. Support groups and workshops.
  • CoMamas http://www.comamas.com. The CoMamas site is directed toward stepmothers and "original" mothers/ex-wives. They coined the term "stepwives" to describe the relationship between these two mother figures. They offer some tips for being co-parents, information about support servies, and a book about learning to be "co-mamas" instead of "stepwives".
  • Making Lemonade http://www.makinglemonade.com. A single parenting site. Offers links to other sites, chat rooms on specific topics, social-dating connections and book recommendations.
  • Parents Without Partners http://www.parentswithoutpartners.org. This site offers a limited amount of information about Parents Without Partners, a national organization offering a community for single parents. It does include some research and some single parenting tips, and directs readers to PWP chapters in their area.
  • Second Wives Club http://www.secondwivesclub.com. The site for the Second Wives club: articles that cover stepparenting, family law, marriage, divorce, co-parenting, dealing with the ex access. Also provides access to stories written by second wives, professional advice, tips, advice columns, newsletters, weekly contests, links, current news feeds, free email courses, interactive diaries, photo album, the step moms bill of rights, the "other mother" art galleries, private messaging, free email accounts, book reviews, polls, over 35 discussion boards, and offline social gatherings.
  • Step Ducks http://www. stepducks.net. Families come in all forms and realize many levels of change. Lives are impacted by these changes. Changes are often uncomfortable but with proper adjustments they can be beneficial. Stepducks offers a resource for people who seek information about family, education, and change.
  • Step Together http://www.steptogether.org. This web-based chapter of the Stepfamily Association of America offers chat rooms and well-organized message boards for peers to provide support and advice to one another. It also offers resources, related web-links and information about retreats.
  • Stepfamilies of America http://www.saafamilies.org. Step families of America is a national, nonprofit membership organization dedicated to successful stepfamily living. The site provides educational information and resources for anyone interested in stepfamilies and their issues. Membership is not required to use much of the site.
  • Stepfamily Foundation http://www.stepfamily.org. This is the site for the Stepfamily Foundation. If you click for "Free Information" it lists 10 steps for step-dads and step-moms, kids, young mothers, and grandparents (among others) to help form healthy stepfamilies. It offers online counseling, questions and answer areas, and other links.